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31 Jan ’14


Our Range Rover Autobiography is jumping from joy when we tell him we are going to drive over the longest ice road in Finland. We are near beautiful Koli Mountain where Lake Pielinen is glistering in the distance. The ice has to reach a thickness of 40 centimetres before the road is declared safe to drive on. You can’t drive faster than 70 km/hour, no seat belts, no stopping, no going off road. This ice road between Koli and Vuonislahti is 7 kilometres long, making the distance between the two villages 60 kilometres closer to each other.

Let me tell you that it is really sensational to drive over ice roads. We did it already before, in Estonia last year, when we were driving over the frozen sea near Tallinn. It gives you a strange and exciting feeling to know you are driving over a piece of frozen water. Especially when it’s a sunny and bright day like today, when the surface of the frozen lake is shimmering and there is no other car in sight.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Your photography is just gorgeous!

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