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8 Feb ’14

Every road trip should include at least one ship. It gives you a break of all the driving and because it’s fun to transport yourself and your car oversea from A to B.
Our Nordic road trip is almost coming to an end by taking the Finnmaid ferry, owned by Finnlines. We are sailing through choppy waters from Helsinki to Travemunde in Germany, close to Hamburg. The boat leaves around 5.30 in the evening and arrived the day after around 9-ish at night. It goes without saying that you have to take a cabin and if possible a full board package so you can enjoy the giant buffets as long and as much as you want.

Our cabin has a view over the prow of the ship and has its own bathroom with shower and toilet. During winter times it’s mainly sturdy truck drivers on board and Finns driving with their own car into Germany or to the Alps to ski. We sail at a comfy speed through the Baltic Sea and the North Sea with a stormy 11 Beaufort wind scale and spend our time working, eating and relaxing.
It’s a perfect way to end a long and intense journey. While our car is resting in the belly of the Finnmaid, we are contemplating our next road trip and which car (ferry) to take.

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  1. Mathijs


    I took this boat as well during summer time, it was the second one in the series of many ones, after leaving from the UK by ferry, I took this one to Helsinki. The following ones were those taking my girlfriend and me around Åland, a great recommendation to do by bike or car (preferable an old land rover defender) You will see when you hit the roads there (they are red)

    Great pictures telling great stories!

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