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9 Feb ’14

We have come a long way and drove more than 6000 kilometres from Belgium to the north of Scandinavia and back. Our Range Rover Autobiography (with all season tyres) was amazing on the black ice roads, through thick snow, on small, scenic roads covered with drifting eider falls. When it got too cold, we even had a small fire place in our car (see the photo).

This voyage took us through 5 countries in almost 5 weeks and it was incredible. We would promote this kind of travel to anyone who likes road trips, Scandinavia end wintery landscapes. We met great people, had amazing food, slept in fantastic hotels and villas, bought some quirky souvenirs for back home, learned a lot (kala means fish in Finnish), drove over amazing roads (once over frozen water and once with a hover craft),….

To make it easier, these were the best experience on our Nordic road trip:

- Having a view over Copenhagen from our corner clubroom at the Radisson Royal in Copenhagen and knowing we are going to dine at Noma a bit later (not thinking about the check afterwards).

- Meeting with Matts Johansson in Gothenburg and talking coffee and life.

- Eating for the second time at Faviken and experiencing it has even gotten better. Best dish of this road trip? The heavenly king crab from Magnus Nilsson. Amazing!

- Shopping in Loppis and second hand stores for Scandinavian design classics. Chic et pas cher.

- Sleeping in our Dragonfly tree house at the Tree Hotel in Swedish Lapland.

- Seeing our good friends from Nordic Luxury back and spending time together at the fantastic Levi Spirit villas near Levi in Finland.

- Driving over the ice roads on Lake Pielinen near Koli on a sun kissed day.

- Hibernating in the Anttolanhovi villas and knowing this is our last “nature” place before heading into the normal world again.

- Eating for the second time at Sea Horse in Helsinki and realising we are really big fans of simple, uncomplicated and good food plus restaurants preferring tradition over tralala.

- Walking around the harbour in Helsinki and fathoming this was a damn good start of our travelling life in 2014.

Thanks for following and stick with us because up next is Fogo Island in Newfoundland, Canada.

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