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4 Mar ’14

If you want to travel to far away from far away, you will have to make some effort. Fogo is a modest dot in the wide and frozen Atlantic Ocean along the east coast of Canada. From Brussels it took us some time and transport to get there. Imagine a drive from Brussels To Amsterdam, a flight to Reykjavik and then on to Toronto with Icelandair. A flight from Toronto to St John’s and then on to Gander with Air Canada. A drive from St. John’s to Farewell Harbour. A ferry (proceeded by an ice breaker) from Farewell Harbour to Fogo Island. The result is a good dose of solitude, remoteness and feeling far away from far away.

We put this small Newfoundland island on our itinerary because we are including it in our new book called “REMOTE places to stay”. A portfolio of 22 remote outposts around the world. It will be available somewhere in May 2014, also in English. The Fogo Island Inn will be included, that’s for sure. Because to qualify as a remote outpost you need to make the guest do some effort, make them want to travel to far away corners, or hidden villages and lost islands, to lonely mountaintops or semi-closed countries.

En route to Fogo Island
En route to Fogo Island

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