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5 Mar ’14

The shoreline of Fogo Island is long, empty and poetic. There are small settlements and ports, wooden fishing boats waiting for spring and summer when they can be launched into the Atlantic again. Now and then you can spot one of the four studios build by Zita Cobb and her Fogo Island Arts foundation. Visiting artists can stay here, not for a couple of weeks but even up to six months, thanks to the Fogo Island Arts Artists in residence program. Designers, photographers, writers or any other creative souls wanting to share their world and experience with the island in exchange for being inspired by this magical place. The artists work in these contemporary and geometrical looking studios but live in the traditional salt box houses, close to the community and the locals of Fogo Island. Zita wants to promote cultural tourism with this project and a way to also honour the wonderful arts and crafts of the island.

Fogo artist studio Long
Fogo artist studio Tower

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