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11 Apr ’14

Welcome to incredible India! We should have been today in Kashmir and then in Punjab, further on to Lahdak, exploring unknown corners of the North together with our long time partner Xplore the Himalaya. Snapping pictures of the Himalayas, drifting on house boats on lake Dal in Srinagar, eating Punjabi food in Amritsar. But the Indian government found it not that incredible for us to go as journalists to Kashmir during election times. We were denied our visa and had to shorten and change our trip with a focus on Rajasthan. Next time we will come back and focus on this amazing corner of India, that’s a promise.

For now we are taking a very comfy day flight from Brussels to Delhi with Jet Airways from where we will zip right away to Rajasthan to start exploring this popular part of India. We’ll miss the north this time but I am sure Radjasthan will charm equally. After our India trip, we will leave Mumbai by cruise yacht to Athens.

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  1. Great to read that ‘one time’ you both will be coming to Kashmir and Ladakh. We’ll get our Sukoon houseboat ready for you guys.

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