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22 Apr ’14

Jamtara Wilderness Camp is a brand new refuge, hidden in the jungle near Pench National Park. It is the only camp on the Jamtara side of the park, which makes it a more relaxed and tranquil place to explore Pench NP. The centre point of the camp is the huge and age-old banyan tree, greeting the guests when they arrive and depart from the camp.

Our favourite tent is nr.5 (see on the picture below), next to a small river and with views over the golden fields around Jamtara village. You might have some buffalo or goats passing by during the day. At night this can be the hunting terrain of the wild cats who live just behind the corner in the national park.

The other great thing about Jamtara Wilderness Camp is the fantastic crew, managed by the charming Dimple (what a sweet name!). The lady of the house knows how to run this intimate camp and even despite the remote location, Dimple and her team make sure that everything is taken care of. A dosa masala or spicy mutton (or goat?) curry in the morning, no problem, a try out of the local moonshine drink in the evening, done. Dimple takes us out on a trip to the local villages where we visit the small but vibrant market where she buys me a set of glass bangles as a gift while David gets a package of the local siggies.

Next to seeing tigers, leopards, civet cats and other wildlife in Pench National Park (often as one of the only cars in the park thanks to the location of the more quiet Jamtara side), we also get to see and meet the rural country life of this corner of India.

Jamtara Lodge by Amid Sankhala

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