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23 Apr ’14

Jamtara Wilderness Camp is the third camp of Amit Sankhala, a true ambassador for his country India, a real conservation tourism expert and owner of Encounters Asia. We met Amit during Pure the Show for experiential travel in Marrakech when he told us about his amazing trips to see the snow leopard and of his ambition to do more interesting things in India when it comes to wildlife and conservation tourism.

Amit might as well be the real life version of Piscine Patel in the Life of Pi. Amit’s grandfather was known as the Tiger man of India, and a high profile with the Indian Forest Service next to being the founder director of the Project Tiger, launched in 1973. Grandfather Sankhala was also Director of the Delhi Zoological Park and was awarded for his research on the ecology and behaviour of Indian Tigers.

Amit’s father was the pioneer in eco tourism and a well renowned wildlife tour operator, operating the Kanha and Bandhavgarh lodges and being the chairman of the Tiger Trust in India. Father Sakhala moved to Vancouver where Amit went to university and grew up. After the passing away of his dad, Amit moved back to India to take over the family business of wilderness lodges and to continue the legacy of the Sankhala family. It’s all about the mission of nature conservation and wildlife tourism, especially in the field of tiger tourism.

So Amit Sankhala of India is like the Ralph Bousfield of Botswana. A prominent figure in conservation thanks to growing up in a family and surrounding which was all about nature and wildlife. If you want to learn more about Amit’s view of tiger tourism in India, read this great piece published by ATTA.

If you plan on travelling to India to see good wildlife, try to stay in the new Jamtara Camp or one of Amit’s other camps (he is even planning a fourth one). Or even better, go on a snow leopard trek with Amit in the high north of India.

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