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24 Apr ’14

Thanks to the Indian Conde Nast Traveller on board of our Jet Airways flight, I found out about this new boutique hotel in Mumbai. Abode is just a couple of months old and has fast become one of the favorite places to stay in the city. Hidden in an anonymous building in the vibrant Kolaba district, you have to take one flight of stair to get to the reception area. We arrive on a hot and steaming night before election day and when the whole of Mumbai is having two dry days. Meaning no alcohol, in this case, not even for foreigners staying in the 5* luxury hotels.

After traveling for 14 days in India and this being our last night, the only thing you want is a drink to say bye bye to India and toast to a good and successful trip.
So while Mumbai and probably every foreign traveller is without a drink, we get a glass of wine served by Gian Perrone, one of the very kind staff members of Abode. He offers us for free a glass of wine of his own so we can say goodbye to India in style. What about that!

Next to a comfy bedroom (go for the deluxe ones with bath), smart and tasteful design and great staff we also like the fact that Abode has Husna, the lady taxi driver, who awaits the guests at the airport or takes them back. Instead of a grumpy taxi driver who tries to rip you off, you get an Indian lady who can drive the car like no other.

It’s all about the details and Abode got it absolutely right.

Abode Hotel - Mumbai
Abode Hotel - Mumbai
Abode Hotel - Mumbai

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