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25 Apr ’14

Who wants to fly if you can sail back from India to Europe? We are hopping on the elegant SeaDream II, who will sail from Mumbai to Athens in 15 days while passing the Suez Canal (and Pirate infested water, but more about this later).

These kind of cruises are better known as “crossings” or “repositioning cruises”, when the ship moves from one cruising area to another depending on the season.
We did it already once before with Le Boreal from Compagnie du Ponant when we were sailing between Caracas and Lisbon in 11 days. The Atlantic Ocean was as calm as a mirror and we were only with 13 guests on board (instead of over 200).

Our SeaDream II was cruising around the waters of Asia before she arrived here in Mumbai. She ventured even onto the Sepik river in Papua New Guinea, sailed also to Myanmar and Cambodia. Now this Norwegian lady is ready for a long Indian Ocean trip with around 26 passengers on board. It’s almost like booking a private yacht because normally SeaDream II can host around 110 guests. Most passengers who are joining us love crossings and booked this trip especially because of the thrill and luxury to be on a yacht like this and not having to do or see much except blue ocean.

When we board the SeaDream II we immediately feel home and notice this is going to be a very interesting and fun trip with like-minded guests who love the good life and the open seas.

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