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27 Apr ’14

We are still a big fan of commandant Etienne Garcia from Le Compagnie du Ponant but we have another favourite captain in our list now. It’s Captain Torbjørn Lund who looks like he might as well be a handsome actor from Love Boat. He’s Norwegian, charming, relaxed, is always in for a good joke and keeps his head cool, even when sailing through pirate infested waters.

While on other cruise ships you barely see the captain and the chances to get invited at the Captain’s Table are very slim (and really, who wants to sit at a very boring and too formal table chitchatting mostly about nothing), things are different on board the SeaDream II. On our third night we already get a kind invitation to sit with the captain together with two other couples. It’s not like we don’t know Lund yet, we met him when we boarded the ship while he greets every passengers welcome. On the second night he welcomed his guests again during the Captain’s Drink with plenty of real caviar and champagne to set the mood. He briefly told us about his life, how he sailed with bigger cruise ships but prefers now the intimacy of a ship like the SeaDream II. “She’s an older lady, but she is still beautiful and elegant. She can sail 15 knots and a bit faster when it goes downhill.” he laughs.

At our Captain’s Table we get served excellent wines from Lund’s private cellar, somewhere deep down there in the basement of the ship. It’s a relaxed evening with plenty of laughter, food, wine and more wine.

Every cruise ship should have a captain like our Torbjørn Lund. Because every elegant lady deserves a charming man to guide her through oceans and seas.

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