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29 Apr ’14

“Good afternoon ladies & gents, we have a small situation.” says our captain via the ship’s intercom. While sailing the blue waters of the Arabian Sea on incredible smooth and calm water, our code green changes suddenly into code yellow. All guests and staff have to go down to the restaurant, while our security team is assessing a situation. Two skiffs are approaching our ship. They approach fast and when they get around 1,5 nautical miles from our SeaDream II the IOS security team raises the alarm, get their bulletproof gear on and their guns out.

Everything goes smoothly. No stress, no panic. Yet. All guests wait together with every staff member in the dining room, portholes closed, in anticipation of some news. Everybody saw Captain Phillips, lots of crew have friends who had to deal with pirates.

But then the message comes from upstairs that code yellow is over. The skiffs turned away and headed into another direction. They were obviously no fishing boats in the middle of this wide Arabian sea. It’s clear they spotted our security team and decided not to come and play with us and our Men in Black.

Half an hour later, we are enjoying lunch again on the back of the ship. A sense of relief is felt, our captain, his crew and the IOS team acted very fast and good. “Code Rose”. is on again when Pablo, our sommelier, pours a chilled glass of Le Poussin Rose. Cheers to a bit of excitement in life, although we still prefer the movie and not the real deal.


  1. I’m glad everything worked out in the end. I imagine if the threat level reached yellow the stress level had to be at red for at least a short time.

  2. Wow! That’s one thing I guess I’ve never really thought about when it comes to going on cruises in certain areas! Glad everything worked out well in the end!

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