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30 Apr ’14

Nothing as blissful as sea days, long carefree, “do-nothing-all-day” days at sea. During this crossing we have them a lot. First we pass a calm and blue Indian Ocean, then the Arabian Sea, on to the Red Sea and ending in the Mediterranean. Most guests on board love the fact that there are no real stops or excursions on this trip. The excitement is the ship itself and long, leisurely meals and aperitif moments. SeaDream Yacht Club tries to keep its guests busy with trivia quizzes, lectures by experts, a daily “walk a mile with a smile” session, spa treatment specials and even during a couple of future crossings in the Atlantic with a new series of wine expert work shops. Great for people who like a bit of action during those sea days. Other prefer just to relax, read a book, enjoy the views of endless blue, take a dip in the pool (which you have always to yourself on these crossings), chat with the bar tender (who you practically have also to yourself on these crossings), mingle with the other guests while sipping from your 34th glass of champagne. Sea days are great, no, they are fabulous!

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