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9 May ’14

Milos is an easy Anek ferry ride away from Santorini. We have been writing a lot about how we prefer to sail with Greek ferries above fast boats. Anek Lines is one of the trustworthy and famous ferry companies in Greece. They connect small island, also in winter, with the big world out there. So my advice is, if you are planing to island hop, try to catch ferries instead of fast boats. Ferries are cheaper and more fun: you can wander outside, sit in the sun, enjoy the views, have a coffee or a bite (I always buy fresh pastry in the harbours before boarding) and if the voyages are overnight or a bit too long, Anek Lines has comfy cabins too.

In this case we are ferrying to the island of Milos, one of the lesser known Cyclades and famous for the countless beautiful beaches, the sirma (charismatic houses build in small villages by the edge of the sea where fishermen hide their boats), an intense mining history and the quiet, relaxed vibe. This is the island of the Venus de Milo, the world famous beauty without arms but with a perfectly shaped beach & bikini body.

Although Milos is a compact island you need time and several days to discover it. There are lots of off road paths for walking or hiking to secret beaches or view points and in the evening you can divide your time between the different villages like Adamas, the port, or the main village Plaka and Pollonia, where we are staying.

Antonis Mallis is showing us around the island. He’s the founder of Travel in Milos and together with his parents and brother he runs the B&B En Milos with views over the bay in Pollonia. Antonis clearly loves his island and is the best ambassador and guide. We love being here in May: abundant amounts of wild flowers are covering the whole island, there is a sensual smell in the air, especially in the evening and morning and the nights are still cool and crisp.

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