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13 May ’14

Don’t you love telling people about your travel destination and everybody goes: what? where? You don’t have to do crazy things to get this reaction. Take for example the glorious island of Schinoussa, part of the Smaller Eastern Cycladic Islands. The best way to get here is with the Skopelitis ferry from Paros or Naxos or take the Blue Star Ferry from Athens. Before 15th of July this is a magical, quiet and relaxing island, after this date is it transformed into a hotzone, a place to be in the Med.

Because of its central location in the Cyclades and the numerous, protected bays, Schinoussa is a big favourite for sailors and owners of mega yachts. They anchor here to enjoy the island life and spend time on the beaches, the tavernas and the ouzeri. Some of those shipping magnates even sponsor the island by donating money to build churches, walking paths or youth centres. Other wealthy Greeks have mansions here and provide many of the 250 permanent inhabitants with jobs. Schinoussa is the perfect place to come when you want to be alone but still want to get a bit of interaction with the locals. It’s the start of the season so everybody is happy to see an unknown face. We on the other hand are also happy to relax during the day and have a bit of fiesta in the evening. But more about this in a next post.


  1. I can see why this would be a favorite location for anyone – Wow!

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