The oldest Ouzerie at Schinoussa Island - Greece © 2014 . All rights reserved.

14 May ’14

Opa! How a quiet aperitif with ouzo and Alfa beer turned out in the most enjoyable evening of our Greece island hopping trip. The oldest ouzeri on the island of Schinoussa, once run by Nikoletta and still called that way, is hidden a simple, old house with traditional sleeping attic above what is now the bar. When the day was fading away and the soft light came, we were the only ones having a drink outside of the ouzeri. Then the night came, together with some cold wind, so we went inside where a couple of rather shy and quiet islanders were having a drink. Light music was playing and there wasn’t much talking. Then more people came in and the music went a bit louder, another group of friends came in and then the singing started, the sharing xrazi (white wine) and beer, then the dancing started, first on the self created dance floor, then on the tables and then on the sleeping attic. Outside the wind was blowing fiercely, as if it wanted to keep the people and the incredible ambiance inside of this small ouzeri. The patron of the house bravely grilled some octapus, which again was shared to all the guests. Who would expected a quiet aperitif would turn into an island party which was so hot and steaming it probably chased away the bad weather and introduced finally the long and hot summer Greece is longing for.

Opening party at the oldest Ouzerie in town. Schinoussa Island.

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