Monastery of Hozoviotissa, Amargos. © 2014 . All rights reserved.

16 May ’14

Amorgos sounds like an island full of amore, of sweet love. No wonder Le Grand Bleu was filmed here. This movie from French director Luc Besson is probably one of the most epic diving movies ever made. They were obviously looking for an island with lots of character, a bit like the actors in the movie. Rough, untamed, full of temperament. There’s plenty of untouched nature, white villages with narrow streets, and bordered by deep blue sea. The good thing is that there are not too many tourists either, just some Frenchies, I wonder why! We put Amorgos on our itinerary because of a kind invitation of Irene, the owner of the Aegialis Hotel and Spa with probably the best room with a view on the island. Waking up here with the view over Aegialis Bay is amazing and for those wanting to go out at night, the small port is just a 20-minutes walk.

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