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17 May ’14

Vangelis looks like a cross-breed between Pavarrotti, Gerard Depardieu and a Greek captain or pirate. In reality he’s a chef, and owner of Capetan Dimos Taverna in Katapola harbour on Amorgos. He takes his job seriously, cooking only with the best ingredients of the island. He surprises us with a dish made with ram, you know the sheep variety that probably nobody tasted before in a dish. Vangelis has his ways to prepare this kind of secret meat. It has to be right, so the texture, smell and taste is perfect and the meat can be cooked to perfection. Capetan Dimos is the perfect place to come and try to patatato, a traditional goat or sheep stew, normally served during religious festivals or weddings. Forget eating fish, this is the place to try meat and veggies. Ask Vangelis about his food and his ingredients and you will be charmed by the food and the stories!

Our favourite goat stew at Capetan Dimos. Amorgos Island - Greece

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