Arriving at Monemvasia, Greece, medieval village, World's End © 2014 . All rights reserved.

23 May ’14

They call Monemvasia the Gibraltar of the east, because it’s build on a rock. But there every comparison stops. Monemvasia is a medieval, old city where in the past over 40.000 Greeks were living the Mediterranean dream. Now it’s mainly tourists flocking together in this labyrinth of small, narrow and car-free streets. But no worries, Kastro still remains charming and quiet, despite the many visitors. Wander away from the main street down to the seaside where it’s more tranquil where often you see derelict houses with secret gardens and hidden doors. We had a bite on the rooftop terrace of To Kanoni, one of the many tavernas in the old town. Medieval views and a refreshing breeze with huge glasses of wine and good food remind a bit of how it probably was a couple of centuries ago. The Med dream lingers still in the air.

Monemvasia at Sunrise, medieval village Greece

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