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5 Jul ’14

Captain Makis from our World’s End catamaran decides to make a brief stop along one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Simos Beach on the island of Elafonisos is always featured in every list of most beautiful, Greek beaches. This island is part of the archipelago of the Peloponnese and with almost 1,000 inhabitants is the largest in the collection, blessed with this this famous stretch of sand and blue sea. During the season the bay is filled with sailing boats and yachts, the white sand dotted with beach babes and Greek machos who laps through the transparent water. Now it is quiet with few boats bobbing around and one couple on the beach.

Does this beach belong in the list of best azure blue spots in Greece? Sure, but we know better, sexier places with water that might be even more transparent.

Elafonisos bay - World's End Catamaran - Greece

The bluest water in Greece

Aspronisia and Macronisi near the island of Lipsi in the Dodecanese. Although there is little beach, you’ll find an extreme translucent sea with fantastic rock formations from which you can dive like a real kamikaze. Excellent for when you want to not dress but still impress. (you’ll be probably al alone when you come here with a small boat)

Macronisi, near Lipsi - Greece

Monodendri Beach, also on the island of Lipsi where the water really believes it is in the Caribbean. The beach (which mainly consists of rocks) was given this name because of the single, solitary tree that adorns the beach. No sun loungers or umbrellas here, just white rock and lots of blue. Looks a bit like the flag of Greece.

Monodendri beach, Lipsi Island - Greece

During this trip we also discovered the beach of Agia Anna on Amorgos, just below the Hozoviotissa Monastery. It is a small, sheltered beach with extremely transparent blue sea overlooked by a small, whitewashed church. Perfect for a beach bum day away from everything and everyone. There are no tavernas or cafes, so bring your own picnic and bottle of local wine to keep cold in the ice blue sea.

Agia Anna, Amorgos Island - Greece

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