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10 Jul ’14

Why go straight if you can meander around, slowly and deliberately. Our Summer 2014 road trip is all about grand and fantastic Europe. Why? Because we love our continent a lot and because we also love road tripping in extreme periods of the year. in January we were en route to the north of Scandinavia, in -35C, in the deep of winter and now we are facing 40C plus in the interior of Spain and 35 degrees and tons of humidity in the lagoon of Venice. Bring it on! We are ready for 7000 kilometres of serious sun and EU roads in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Andorra, Spain, maybe even Portugal and who knows what else? We are driving a brand new Seat Alhambra and the idea is to get this car to the real deal, as close as possible to the Alhambra in Granada. But the voyage is often better than the destination.

We will bed down in architectural houses in the middle of green vineyards, Venetian palazzi, sky-high city hotels, simple country houses, Alpine chalets, rental flats in historical cities, the occasional Paradores and again, who knows what else? It’s the open road and unlimited adventure, hopefully spiced up with lots of good wine and great encounters with new friends in unknown places.

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