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11 Jul ’14

When Sabine and Markus Longen asked the renowned architect Matteo Thun to help them with a new add-on for their existing winery, they initially though that he would say no. But Matteo liked the couple and also had a thing for the Moesel region in Germany. So in 2010 constructions began around WeinKulturGut Longen-Schloeder, in the peaceful village of Longuinch, a very short drive from the city of Trier. Markus extended his 5th generation winery with a new restaurant and 20 hotel rooms, most of them located in a green and wild garden next to a plot of fruit trees. The archetypical houses are made out of the local slate stone while the interior is dominated by light oak with accents of red in the minimal décor. The Weingut is located in town but a 3-minute drives or 10-minute walk brings you to the steep vineyards on the south side of the Moesel. Markus owns around 5 hectares of vines. Mainly Riesling but also more exotic grapes like blanc de noir, sauvignon blanc or merlot. He likes to experiment and create more interesting blends so his clients are every year surprised and keep coming back. But the biggest surprise are still the “Winzerhäuschen” designed and build by Matteo who became a good friend of the family while doing this project. In our opinion, for those who are looking for a nice stop en route to Austria or Italy, drop by the vinoteca of Sabine and Markus en stay here overnight in these pretty Hauser. The wines are excellent and affordable and Markus tries to serve local food without the heavy price tag. It’s admirable to see that fine people are still willing to invest in interesting architecture and not ask crazy amounts of money afterwards. It makes sleeping in different design and good architecture possible for every traveller. This is definitely a fine (wine) experience not to miss in the Moesel.

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