Innsbruck - View from Adlers Hotel - Suite 1003 © 2014 . All rights reserved.

12 Jul ’14

Innsbruck is the capital of the Alps, it’s true, not just a marketing trick. It’s a city where the scenery, atmosphere, food and drinks are all about the mountains surrounding it. We’ve always been a fan and still are. Amazing how the 120.000 inhabitans combines work and life with the outdoors. School in the morning, skiing in the afternoon. Finished work at 4? On the snowboard half an hour later. In the summer the whole city enjoys the extremely warm sun, cooling down in beer garten or rooftop bars like those of 360 Grad Bar or the new Adlers Hotel. We’re happy to be back, with views over Innsbruck, the iconic Zaha Hadid ski jump and the mountains from our room 1003 at the Adlers Hotel.

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