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28 Jul ’14

Peter from the rental flat Rue Victor Hugo 42 also takes guests on culinary grand vadrouille along the gastronomic highlights of his neighbourhood. A small bakery still baking bread in a giant wood oven, the meat market where you can still see and realize of what animal (or part of the animal) the meat comes from (often a shocking revelation for the average supermarket fan), stalls with only intestinal meat, oyster sellers, fresh milk stands (only the cow is missing) and sellers who only specialize in the delicate purple garlic of the region (Ail violet). After shopping, a coffee, a petit vin or Ricard are taken in Le Felix on the square, preferably sitting in the low, wicker chairs on the terrace and dressed up as a true southern Frenchman: linen casual outfit, with comfy espadrilles, a hat or beret, … Peter then takes us into the kitchen of the apartment to prepare a cooling gazpacho, followed by a light salad of melon and then he pops a very French chicken in the oven. For the travellers not following Peter’s demo, there’s another fine culinary tips we get from this Brit. Beware, you can only do this on days when the meat market is open. In Les Halles there is a cafĂ© with a long zinc bar where you can drink an aperitif but also where you can bring your own meat (BYOM). Sebastien Lagrange and wife put a piece of meat you just bought yourself on the market on their grill and for 8 euro serve it with fresh French fries and a salad. With an affordable glass (or vase) or rosĂ© you can enjoy indoors or outside on the terrace this honest merchandise will enjoying the good French life. BYOM (bring your own meat): what a simple and unpretentious concept, which makes everybody happy, from butcher to bar owner and consumer.

Carcassonne Kitchen, market tour

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