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30 Jul ’14

Andorra, is the little odd, tax-free duck of Europe. If you come from France and you bought some wine, claim these goods when entering Andorra or when re entering Spain the customs might charge you for goods you didn’t even buy in Andorra. Most tourists come to Andorra during the winter for skiing, others pass through here for cigarettes, alcohol, and other tax-free stuff and for cheap refuelling. We are mainly here to avoid expensive toll roads, to get a fresh scoop of mountain air and yes why not, to refuel and stay in the very fine Hotel Grau Roig. The elegant proprietress transformed this mountain hotel, which she inherited from her parents, to a more contemporary haven at over 2000 meters, right on the ski slopes. Now there are some cows grazing next to the hotel and the only action is that of a pair of hikers. Hotel Grau Roig was formerly a typical and classic mountain inn while now it’s a more contemporary place to stay. Half of the rooms have been transformed into cozy, wooden cocoons with smart and timeless design and high quality materials (think B&O sound system and famous Spanish designer names). The breakfast is huge and hearty and rich with the famous pata negra ham, chorizo and local cheeses and plenty of home-made sweets. Grau Roig also has a spa and small pool, a good restaurant and nice terrace to lounge in the sun. Why would you go fry in your car while facing heavy traffic along the coast when you can relax in one of the most bizarre and smallest countries in the world?

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