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2 Aug ’14

We are travelling like a Don Quixote through La Mancha, not battling windmills but fighting against time. We are speeding through this beautiful region just to get our Seat Alhambra to the real Alhambra on time. La Mancha is the largest wine region of Spain (and the world) and this is noticeable: we drive for hours south surrounded by vineyards where mostly the Tempranillo grape is basking in the strong sun. As it should be during every road trip we leave the highway in a very ordinary village to refuel (refuelling along the highway, you only do in emergencies). In San Clemente, close to the A-43, we find beside a petrol station also be one of the best restaurants during this road trip. Casa Montera is packed on a Saturday afternoon with locals eating and drinking while sitting at long tables. (the wine cooperative of the region is next to the restaurant). A tourist is rarely seen here, claims the sweaty, friendly waiter who his reading to us the options for the plato del dia. A starter, main course, dessert, coffee, water and wine for ten euro. Bueno? The décor of the bar at Casa Montera is the kind that we love. A long, typical counter, wood panels on the wall with pictures from the old box (scenes with windmills, wine pickers, endless landscapes and charming villages in the Cuenca region, ..) Taking a break to eat a tasty and affordable lunch menu gives enough energy to continue the rather long journey towards Granada.

Casa Montera, La Mancha
Casa Montera, La Mancha
Casa Montera, La Mancha

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