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8 Aug ’14

In the tiny and unknown village of Arguedas we spot the entire population in white and red uniform. Some chicas in white skinny jeans and red tops tell us that there is a week long Fiestas de Arguedas and San Esteban and there are numerous festivities. Processions, throwing wine in the streets, communal dinners on the square with music and toreo the vaquillas when cows are driven through the streets of the village to end up in the purpose-built arena. No bloody bullfight is happening but something similar with the men in the arena trying to attach a ring around the horn of the animal without being injured or pinned. The festival attracts people from as far as Bilbao. They look a little ordinary and colourless between the excited Arguedas locals dressed in bright red and white. How fascinating it is to see how certain traditions are still honoured in Spain and how everyone (from grandmother to three year olds) are excited, how double it is to witness how animals are still used for traditional entertainment. Nevertheless, this festival is a beautiful experience: we get invited on a balcony of locals in order to take better pictures and not get caught in the mania on the streets, they offer us a beer on top of that, we talk to other Spaniards and mingle with the crowds without spotting one other tourist,… This is the real Spain with no compromises, take it or leave it, or be thrown in the arena.



  1. Jonathan

    These pictures are beautiful. What a great job at capturing the richness of the colors of the scene. The colors are so vivid that it almost looks like it’s HDR.

    Spain is on my bucket list of places to visit in the near future. For a first time visitor to Spain, would you recommend visiting these more remote municipalities like Arguedas? Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  2. Nancy

    The places you write about, really reflect what Spain is all about.

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