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9 Aug ’14

We spend two nights at the designy Hotel Aire de Bardenas in Navarra. Most major lifestyle, design and international travel magazines agreed that this fantastic hotel is lost in the desert, in the extreme and inhospitable Bardenas, a well known national park in Navarra. The thought of staying in a cubic-like room with a view of the desert, somewhere in unknown Navarra seemed quite appealing to us too. This hotel was already since its opening on our hot list and would fit well in our new book REMOTE places to stay. Most media were right: The Bardenas National Park is actually not far away but the hotel is not located in the desert. On one side, we spot a lush cornfield with farmer on a tractor, on the other side lies the the city of Tudela, a bit further we see the road and on top of the mountains there is a row of windmills. Some guests might feel quite isolated at this hotel but for us, the desolate and extreme feeling you get when you sleep in a real desert, is not found here. More over, Aire de Bardenas is a design hotel which means you have to take into account that service is not written with the capital S. You pay for the smart design and the hip atmosphere. A disappointment? Maybe, especially since we love deserts and we didn’t get what we expected. But hey, that’s travel.

Hotel Aire De Bardenas

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  1. Xin

    Wow, love the photos! Make me miss traveling again!


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