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11 Aug ’14

total kilometres driven: 8137km

The highlights of this 8137 kilometre road trip through Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Andorra and Portugal are numerous. Our faithful Seat Alhambra proved to be a good travel companion taking us sans problem from north to south and back again. Driving us through the pouring rain in the Moezel, along winding mountain roads in the French Alps and on dusty side streets in Extremadura. The huge trunk is packed with 5 jamon bellota, 30 bottles of wine (of which one Balthazar of 12 litres), kilos of Spanish and Portuguese cheese and olives, a huge bag of purple garlic from Carcassonne,… 8137 kilometre of EU-road means returning with a gourmet car, that’s a fact. In brief, these were our highlights, which accidentally have always something to do with eating or drinking:

- Discovering Venice early in the morning, just after sunset and having a café with the locals in small bakeries selling heavenly cornettos (croissants).

- Getting together with friends and colleagues in Lyon to eat at Le Musee, one of the only real bouchons in the city where you can still try La cuisine Lyonnaise.

- Buying the most delightful, double baked bread in a small shop in Carcassonne and eating it together with some Tome and Reblochon cheese we bought in St. Jean Sixt.

- Driving endlessly through La Mancha and stopping for a 10 euro plato del dia in a crowded and charming road side diner.

- Staying with Belgians at their Chipibeach in Chipiona and discovering this is one of the most charming towns in the south of Spain.

- Drinking Manzanilla at Il Bigote in San Lucar de Barrameda while munching on delicacies from the sea.

- Visiting Jabugo and driving through Extremadura in search of the illustrious pata negra pig.

- Participating in a local fiesta in Navarra and almost getting chased by bulls

- Staying with Pierre at his Auberge in France and ending this road trip in a nostalgic and reflective setting. A bientōt!

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