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24 Aug ’14

We drive along the south coast towards the east, passing black lava sands and unearthly landscapes, until all of a sudden, you take a left to Raufarfell, passing by farms and sheep and continuing into a narrow valley belowing to the infamous Eyjafjallajökull (when the E-volcano errupted, this valley was completely covered in ashes). Then we park our car, walk for 15 minutes following a babbling river, upstream, and we end up at one of the most charming outdoor swimming pools in Europe, built in the 1920 to learn Icelanders how to swim. The water at the seljavallalaug swimming pool is toasty warm with a big thank you to geothermal energy.

So even in winter, when the scenery is all white, you can still bathe here, or even learn to swim. In summer you can find a couple of people splashing around but off season you will probably be the only living soul. Why not swim as a real Viking and go skinny-dipping, such a very cool thing to do. Cool in many ways!

Iceland Roadtrip
Iceland Roadtrip

Iceland Roadtrip


  1. Sigurdur Bjorgvinsson @redheadexplorer

    Thanks for visiting my home country Iceland, I’m glad you liked it.

  2. Megan

    Wow–I’ve been following your blog for the last year and I always leave your site full of wanderlust. Your beautiful pictures reveal the most exotic countries in this world, and I always wonder if I will ever see all of these places. Coincidentally enough, I just returned from my first trip to Iceland. I am so excited to see this entry is about Seljavallalaug, because I actually swam here on my trip…on the EXACT same day. Small world!

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