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26 Aug ’14

A winding road along the edge of the fjords brings us to Seydisfjordur, according to many Icelanders one of the most charming villages in Iceland. For those traveling by car from the mainland in Europe to Iceland, the ferry from the Faroe Islands arrives here.

Seydisfjordur is one of the few villages where many old wooden houses from the early 20th century are still standing, often restored and inhabited. It gives the town a colourful and pretty, bohemian charm. We bed down in the Old Apothecary, the ground floor of an old blue wooden house right beside a bubbly river. Our bedroom has a huge and raised bed looking out through the windows onto the shallow but fast-flowing river. Across the road is the Aldan hotel, which has a decent restaurant and bar where Icelandic cuisine is served. Try to spend at least two nights in this village which has some boutiques and workshops where jewellery and other arts&crafts are made.

Another good reason to visit: the sun is often shining here so sit outside on the terraces of the restaurants or on the edge of the lagoon and enjoy the pure air and the Iceland joie de vivre. A funny detail is that the road to Seydisfjordur, coming from a higher plateau, winding down along the river, is seen in the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Ben Stiller skates his way down, zipping through a sensational Icelandic landscape. Probably after the fearless act he sat down on the sunny terrace of Hotel Aldan and ordered an Icelandic beer. Just ask the locals if you really want to hear the Stiller in Iceland story.

Seysdisfjordur, Iceland
Seysdisfjordur, Iceland
Seysdisfjordur, Iceland
Seysdisfjordur, Iceland

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