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27 Aug ’14

Just before dusk we hit a gravel road and arrive after a few kilometres at Modrudalur, an old farmhouse. Nowadays it’s a kind of inn, a refuge for those who once took the old road to the interior and wanted to refuel (the gas station is no more than a pump in a wooden hut with mud walls and a grass roof), eat and drink something or just see another living soul.

A dozen years ago, Icelandic Villi, together with his wife who is a pilot, took over the farm and transformed it into a simple hotel, Fjalladyrd, with restaurant and bar. He takes his guests on super jeep tours to spectacular spots and even in winter he organizes hikes to secluded mountain huts where you get stuck for days thanks to the extreme weather.

The farm has some dormitories and two simple but charming, wooden houses with overgrown moss and grass roof and wood stove inside. Villi recently formed a partnership with Matthias from Volcano Heli, a helicopter pilot from Lichtenstein, who flew from his homeland with his heli into Iceland. Now he takes tourists to see the volcanoes in the area: the Askja caldera, Snaefell mountain and now almost every day to observe the Bardarbunga. His most loyal customer is Marco Nescher a nature photographer with a serious passion for Iceland. For his soon to be published book he only takes aerial photos of his favourite island. As the sun goes down, Matthias takes us for a ride while Villi invites us in for an Icelandic hot drink: hot coco with Strohrum. I wish we could come back here in the deep of winter. Be my guest, says Villi. There is nothing more beautiful than the north of Iceland in winter.

Fjalladyrd Farm
Fjalladyrd View
Fjalladyrd Helicopter View

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