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28 Aug ’14

Did you know Iceland has another Blue Lagoon? One which is less known, smaller and thus less crowded. You have to do a bit of driving, or even take a plane to get there. The Mývatn Nature Baths are located in the north of the island, close to Lake Mývatn. This region is a geothermal hot zone with steaming geyser fields of sulphur, bubbling mud pools, dramatic volcanic craters, geothermal plantations that generate electricity, hidden caves with deep blue, warm water and Mývatn Lake with alien-like, pseudo craters formed a couple of thousands of years ago. spend a couple of days here while visiting the bubbling, smoking and active highlights and explore the region.

We stay at the fairly new hotel Laxa, a good address for those who prefer a functional new hotel instead of the slightly more decrepit, Icelandic guest houses or inns that often needed a renovation 15 years ago. An insider tip we get from Karl from Nordic Luxury, our partner during this tour, is to eat here Icelandic rye bread with a thick layer of butter and smoked salmon trout, along with a beer Einstock Pale Ale. North Iceland is known for its fish-filled rivers and lakes where the salmon trout will jump on your plate if you are not careful.

Mývatn Lake
Mývatn sulphur pools
Mývatn Geothermal Plant
Smoked Arctic Char Iceland

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