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1 Sep ’14

We love small airports where you go from curb side to waiting lounge in 5 minutes. Oh yes, there’s even a tax-free shop at Reykjavik International Airport. One where we can buy some wine and beer for in Greenland where alcohol is liquid gold and damn expensive. Air Iceland flies from Reykjavik Airport (next to the centre of town) to various destinations in Greenland. In our case to the south, to Narsarsuaq, the only major airport which used to be an American base. Not because of the pretty scenery with seas of wild flowers but because the weather here is always good and mild with a fjord providing much needed protection. Now it is a quiet and somewhat quaint village with a hundred inhabitants who almost all work in the airport or during summer in the tourism industry. Narsarsuaq serves as a gateway to the south. From here you hop on water taxis to the other villages or settlements or you can also use the flashy red Air Greenland helicopters. No other options, no roads (the road around the airport stops after 3 kilometres) and no other airports where planes can land. We fly for about 3 hours (while Reykjavik to Kulusuk in eastern Greenland is less than two hours by Air Iceland plane) and we land in a different world where the Inuit live, love and eat.

When we heard about a food festival in Qaqortoq, our second trip to Greenland was quickly confirmed. Because who would not want to know what a Greenlander eats and what this destination has to offer in the culinary field? Is the New Nordic Cuisine already in Greenland? Are polar bear, whale and seal still on the menu? What about vegetables? Where does the food come from if you are on such an extreme, remote island lost in the Arctic Ocean? Our quest here in Greenland is to discover what this colossal island, which is almost completely hidden under the second largest ice cap in the world, has to offer on the plate. We keep our fork and knife ready and in position.

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