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13 Sep ’14

Experts claim that the famous iceberg responsible for sinking the Titanic was from Ilulissat. That said, the best way to explore the icebergs around Ilulissat is by boat. We do it with Captain Anders Lykke Laursen, owner of Ilulissat Water Taxi, the only floating yellow cab from the village. This young Dane has been living for a long time in Greenland and takes his guests with his cool boat to the most beautiful spots around Ilulissat. A day floating around the icebergs, picnic included, visiting smaller settlements in Disco Bay, checking out glaciers,…Why would you want to be crammed with 60 passengers in a boat if you can have your own personal yellow cab? Anders says that he often serves as a real taxi, for example when the helicopter can not fly out because of bad weather and he has to function as ambulance and take islanders to the hospital or when politicians from Nuuk have meetings in the smaller villages, they hop on his water taxi. The boat has been custom made in Finland and is ice strengthened, perfect to slalom between the icebergs. Anders keeps his head cool and steers his yellow cab around sharp and dangerous pieces of ice, always on the lookout for spectacular sights of whales, calving glaciers or flipping bergs… A nautical taxi driver in Greenland has to have different skills than his colleagues in NYC, that’s a fact.

Ilulissat Taxi, Greenland


  1. This looks so awesome. I got to see a glacier calve a few years ago and it was spectacular. I would love to spend a day with Captain Laursen in his taxi and take in all the nuances of the area.

  2. Hi Debbie, Thank you for a nice visit and some cozy hours together :-)

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