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15 Sep ’14

It’s time to wave goodbye and a bientôt to Greenland. It’s been a pleasure again and hopefully we will be back soon. Maybe to explore the high north or hop on a boat, who knows. Today is a transit day with a short flight from Ilulissat to Kangerlusuaq and then a longer one (almost 5 hours) to Copenhagen. Both flights are operated by Greenland Air. Because of fog and bad weather along the coast, lots of smaller flights like ours are in delay so big mama Boeing decides to wait for them with a result of over 3 hours delay. If you ask our opinion, we prefer traveling to Greenland via Iceland because those two destinations are a perfect match and because departing and arriving from the compact and handy Reykjavik Airport makes travel much more pleasant. Especially for travellers coming from the States, it makes sense to pass via Iceland and hop on an Air Iceland air flight to different destinations in Greenland.

But this time we are in Copenhagen, completely knackered. Thank god for the ultra comfy and handy Hilton Kastrup Airport hotel, the only real airport hotel around here. You can actually walk to the hotel, no need to take an expensive taxi (when the free shuttle buses of the other hotels stop working) and worry about when to leave in the morning to catch your early flight. This Hilton is by the way a very pleasant one. Even late at night there is a good atmosphere in the bar, the check-in goes fast and the rooms with airport and runway views are just what you need after a day of flying and being stuck in airports. Don’t bother next time with searching what the cheapest airport hotel is if you need a shuttle bus to get there. You might pay a bit more for options like this Hilton but believe me it is really worth it if you arrive late at night and you need to get out again very early the next day.

In our case it’s a 6.30 AM flight with our one and only Brussels Airlines, taking us in 1.40 hours back to Brussels. It’s been a while since we flew with them and since our last flight, SN introduced new fare options to compete with sharky Ryanair who is now also operating from Brussels Airport. Thanks to their new Check&Go option you can fly now within Europa from 69 euro, return, taxes included and with 12 kilos of hand luggage. Eat that Ryanair. En plus, trusty Brussels Airlines is a member of Star Alliance so you can earn miles and maybe one day become a happy Gold Member, just like us. Ah, the joy of flying, airport hotels and life in transit. We never can get enough.

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