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18 Sep ’14

Grey weather can be sexy, really. Take for example this morning upon entering the bay of Penkiggney. We are still in Chukotka looking for beautiful places, just like here on the lonely beach of Petsovaya where autumn lingers in the air. In the distance we spot snowy peaks and tundra in bright red and yellow colors. A small hike is on the program: stretch the sea legs after a night at sea, explore the Siberian tundra and keep an eye out for some local residents: Arctic hares and squirrels, foxes and even brown bears. Nicolas Dubreuil, our strong and diligent expedition leader, ventures out every morning with his expedition team to check if a landing is possible and safe. On board we are joined by some Russian officials, including Serguei, responsible for the smooth operations while here in Russia. Two years ago Ponant’s other captain Etienne Garcia came here with Nicolas and Serguei to check out the region. They travelled along the coast in search of beautiful places, look for realistic locations to anchor a vessel of 142 meters long and 10,700 tons. A lot of planning and paperwork has been done and bureaucratic hassle is part of the deal. This is not a part of the world where a lot of cruise ships sail by so every landing and every exploration is quite special. So far, this is still one of the most remote corners of the world.

Pestsovaya hike
Pestsovaya hike
Pestsovaya L'Austral

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