4 Jun ’12

Layers and layers of Arctic clothes are wobbling for the first time over the frozen ice to the qamutiks, the wooden sledges made by hand by the Inuit. Our group of nine is young and older, from Hong Kong, Greece, England to Belgium. All eager to see lots of Arctic highlights during a 5-day camping trip on the sea ice. Narwhals, polar bears, whales, seals, birds….  Arctic Kingdom is the specialist making everything possible. They have taken Nat Geo, BBC and other experts on and below the ice to film, photograph and experience the true North. The group of Qamutiks pulled by Skidoo’s are skating over the frozen ice of Eclipse Sound, leading up to the frozen Atlantic Ocean. It’s an adrenaline moment…..filled with high hopes and low temperatures. And how is the camp ? Stunning, just stunning.

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  1. We are ready to go at this place….

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