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9 Apr ’15

We’ve been busy bees these last few months.

Since our last big trip to Russia and Japan, we haven’t sat still. We have travelled to Morocco, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey & Germany. But we’ve dedicated most of our time to our travel consultancy business and to the promotion of our new book, Remote Places To Stay. Some of you might have already read or heard about it: we curated 22 stunning and remote places to stay out of more than 1000 hotels during a decade of non-stop travel. These hotels, lodges, camps and inns have been visited and carefully shot by us during our travels. We hope we can gently push travellers to these far-flung corners of the world.

The book is now out in English and Dutch, and is also available in Germany with National Geographic and in Italy with Rizzoli.

Fantastic media such as the Financial Times, Lonely Planet Magazine, Harpers, The Telegraph Luxury, Elle, Forbes, Marie Claire Italia, Times UK, and National Geographic Traveller have featured the book.
In the meantime, we also launched a travel consultancy project with the owner of a super sensational icebreaking mega yacht. Not just a St.Tropez style, plastic boat, but an ex-Russian icebreaker converted into a comfortable floating luxury home to sail to the most remote corners of the world. The icebreaking mega yacht means you will be able to go and see the emperor penguins even more easily than expected, with 2 helis and a submarine on board. Drop us a line if you want to hear more.
And now, we can finally travel again and scout for Remote volume 2.

We planned our first big trip well — Africa. It’s been more then a year since we ventured down south (remember Zimbabwe and Namibia in 2013), and it’s been too long since we spent enough time in South Africa. During this month-long trip, we will embark on a 3000-km road trip up to the Northern Cape and Karoo. We have booked a sturdy Hilux with Sunny Cars, reserved diverse accommodation in every style and budget range, and now we are hoping for blue skies and autumn colours.

After this road adventure, we will hop over to Botswana where we will do a small group trip with legendary Ralph Bousfield, owner and top safari guide of iconic camps like Jack’s and San Camp. This time, we will go for a mobile camping experience, fly camping and then ending in San Camp near the salt pans of the Kalahari.

Finally, Cape Town is on the agenda again thanks to the second edition of We Are Africa — the coolest travel trade show in Africa. We will talk travel, learn more about the continent, meet new people and see old friends.
So follow us on this new adventure. We are happy to be back and we hope you’ll enjoy the ride from the other side of the screen!

It’s time to board our Swiss Airlines plane and enjoy their amazing business class with equally amazing Taste of Switzerland food. Sweet dreams!

Swiss Departure

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