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13 Apr ’15

Chef Kobus van der Merwe is a contemporary food hunter. Back in 2010 he already presented us 100% local ingredients. He introduced us to the local type of sardine called bokkum, his let us taste his home made bobotie and the olive oil from Kloovenberg in Riebeek Kasteel.

Today we are back in his intimate garden to try out his new concept: a bistro style tasting menu served only during lunch (Oep Ve Koep is not open for dinner). The focus is on this part of the Western Cape, the ocean, the dunes and everything found in and around the West Coast National Park.

The Wes Kus oysters are fleshy and tasty; the ice plant wrap with raw fish (prepared a la ceviche) is crunchy and summery. My favourite, the sweet corn bobotie has traces of turmeric but it’s the corn which gives flavour and color to this vegetarian version of South Africa’s national dish (although, it might also be a huge slab of meat on a braai).

Check out Kobus’s new book where he explores his beloved coast in search for ingredients. Strandveldfood is a must if you like pure and uncomplicated food.

Kobus Van Der Merwe, Oep Ve Koep, Paternoster
Kobus Van Der Merwe, Oep Ve Koep, Paternoster

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