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16 Apr ’15

Malcolm Mostert, owner of Okiep Country Hotel, takes us on a day out to explore the beauty of Namaqualand. He whisks us away in his comfy 4×4 to the boarder with Namibia where we can see the Oranje Rivier meander through a vast and deserty landscape.

All along the boarders of the river, we see vineyards (but no boutique winery in sight), fruits and plants blossoming and the dust of the Namib desert and the dry Namaqualand region is calmed down in this fertile and green region. Malcolm takes us to the lodge of Bushwacked Adventures to have a filling Vetkoek with a refreshing Windhoek Light to wash the dust away. Half of the river belongs to South Africa, the other to Namibia. Walk 2 meters in the water and you find yourself in another country.

We end the day on top of a mountain, near Springbok, braving cold winds and low temperatures. Malcolm often takes his guests on a cultural and sun downer trip, showing them the true colors of Namaqualand. If you ever find yourself en route from Cape Town to Windhoek (a road trip lots of road trip lovers love) make a stop here and enjoy the emptiness and beauty of the Northern Cape.

Viewpoint over Namibia
Sundowner in Springbok, South Africa

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