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26 Apr ’15

It could be a restaurant in a small town in Portugal, but it’s not. It’s Vespetti along the West Coast (call it Wes Kus) of South Africa. We are in Port Nolloth, a fishing town in Namaqualand where obviously bigger money can be made by digging in the ground (De Beer and diamond signs everywhere). To us it looks a bit like cowboy central with calm, dusty roads, one main street with some shops and only two decent places where you can grab a bite. Vespetti serves Italian fare and they do not have an alcohol license so we dig up one of our Fryer’s Cove bottles from the car and drink this to go along with our lunch. We were hoping for a grilled calamari, eating with breezy views, again, over the Atlantic but at Vespetti we got it served in a red, piri piri style, tomato sauce. I though South Africa loved their braai? Alas, our quest for the grilled calamari continues, along dusty roads and diamond fields.


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