Billy, our stubborn Inuit guide sleeping. © 2012 . All rights reserved.

10 Jun ’12

Arctic Kingdom have us the opportunity to stay an extra night, so we have another 24 hours to spot Narwhal. However, all good things end. We could have seen some whales for a second time but Billy, our Inuit driver, is on strike. He decided it was time for a couple of beauty naps instead. So we are stuck in camp! Going for a walk is really not an option because there are polar bears. Nothing much to do than wait until Billy is willing to jump onto his Skidoo and take us out. Finally at the flow edge again, where of course the bowhead is long gone. “I know you want to see narwhals, I want to see them too.” says Billy our Inuit guide. “So I can shoot them.” Our safari ended with grim aftertaste, and the snoring sound of a stubborn Inuit guide.

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