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12 Jun ’12

Flying in or out of the North is not as simple as you would think. Weather changes every five minutes. Or computers break down, for example the ones from Canadian North on the morning that we have to fly out. Hours of waiting in an airport that isn’t much more than some seats and a toilet. When our flight route finally is printed, the weather in Clyde River has changed and after 1,5 hours flying, 2 attempts to land, the plane returns back to Pond Inlet instead of landing and flying to Iqaluit, our final destination. One guy sitting next to me is already trying for 2 days to get to Clyde River, another woman already 4 days trying to get to Iqualuit. After refueling in Pond, we head off again to Iqualuit. Mist, low clouds…. We almost don’t make it again… After 6 hours of delay we are finally in Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut. At least we experienced the true North from above in a very intense way.

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