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7 Jul ’12

Our last day on the cruise ended in grandeur. Finally I spotted killer whales, aka orca. I’m still thinking of a frighting seventies movie that I watched as a kid. These orca seemed less hungry and swam around the Safari Endeavour for a while until it was time to continue our dinner. Hey El Capitano, more fun would have been to lower the zodiacs and get a bit more close to them.


  1. Debbie, looks like you had a good cruise! And I’m so happy you spotted a bear — I know David was hoping for that. Hopefully he got some great images — yours are really great. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trip, if you have time to email me :)


    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Yes indeed, lots of bears and whales passed our ship! We love Juneau and the boat trip. We will recommend it to many travelers! Keep in contact!

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